Use of RFID technology for fixed asset management

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12 Jul , 2022

Use of RFID technology for fixed asset management

This type of technology is extremely beneficial for asset management, but it must be used with caution to avoid problems:

  • Antenna Positioning – Blind spots can be caused by the antenna's distance and angulation, which can influence the data's correct reading or identification.
  • Type of material – Electromagnetic radiation impacts some computer materials; thus, they must be encased to prevent damage. Materials with a metallic surface can alter the reading range, so they must be enclosed in this instance.
  • Storage Location – Another issue with labels is that they must be applied to machines that operate in hostile conditions with high temperatures and humidity; in this case, proper protection is required to prevent chip damage.
  • Place of application of the label – Many goods have an uneven shape, making label application problematic. The tag may need to be tailored according to the application surface in some circumstances. In most cases, the ends are the locations where the tags should be applied. However, conducting tests to standardize the site of application in the items is always advantageous.


 The following are the primary advantages of employing RFID tag technology to regulate fixed assets: 

  • The labels allow information to be stored in the chip's memory, allowing inventory management to be more flexible.
  • Information is detected without making eye contact with the thing. Tags can be recognized from a long distance.
  • Possibility of reusing the label, resulting in merely a cost in the project's execution.
  • Errors in stock counting, updating, and replenishment are reduced.
  • Inventory reports can now be generated with greater speed.
  • Finding and classifying objects is simple.
  • Improved control over replenishment requirements and the detection of expired products.
  • Increased patrimonial security to avoid goods theft and counterfeiting.
  • Increased aggressiveness of processes, enabling for more flexible and comprehensive reports. 

With so many benefits and advantages, we can conclude that the usage of RFID tags is essential for asset control in every business, regardless of size. It also contains a variety of models for a variety of products.

Agility is currently a market differentiation. This technology can help your organization get ahead of the competition by improving operational efficiency and, as a result, expanding profit margins


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