Depreciation of fixed assets: a complete guide

jonas squinca
23 Mar , 2023

Fixed assets are tangible and durable goods used by companies in the production of goods and services, such as equipment, vehicles, real estate and furniture. These assets have a limited useful life and wear out with use, which is accounted for as depreciation.

Depreciation of fixed assets is an accounting technique that allows companies to spread the cost of the asset over time, reflecting its wear and tear and obsolescence.

Next, we present a complete guide on the depreciation of fixed assets, considering the services offered by RFmobi.

  • Inventory of fixed assets: The first step in performing fixed asset depreciation is to have a complete inventory of the company's assets. This includes identifying each asset, its description, value and location. RFmobi can perform this service for your company, identifying all fixed assets and their relevant information.
  • Choosing the Depreciation Method: There are several methods of depreciating fixed assets, including the straight-line method, the accelerated method, and the units-of-production method. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the choice must be made considering the type of asset and its usage pattern. RFmobi can help you choose the most appropriate depreciation method for each asset.
  • Record keeping: It is important to keep accurate records of the cost of the asset, its useful life and depreciation expense. RFmobi can implement a fixed asset management system to track this information in an accurate and organized manner.
  • Performing preventive maintenance: Performing preventive maintenance on fixed assets is essential to prolong their useful life and reduce the need to replace them prematurely. RFmobi can help your company implement an effective preventive maintenance plan for your assets.
  • Asset recovery assessment: When replacing an asset, it is important to assess the possibility of selling it to recover part of the amount paid. RFmobi can help the company to assess whether it is feasible to sell the old asset and, if so, to assess its market value.


Depreciation of fixed assets is an important process in the financial accounting of companies, allowing asset costs to be spread over time. RFmobi offers specialized services in inventorying fixed assets, choosing the depreciation method, maintaining records, performing preventive maintenance and evaluating asset recovery. With the help of RFmobi, your company can better manage its fixed assets, extend their useful life and reduce unnecessary costs.

Don't waste time and hire RFmobi's services to carry out an inventory and sanitation of your fixed assets and obtain a more efficient management of them. Please contact us for more information and custom quotes.

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