RFID Applications

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08 Jun , 2022

RFID Applications

  • Automatic rfid inventory and asset-tracking in healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and business sectors
  • E-pedigree; Identifying the source of products, enabling intelligent recall of defective or dangerous items, such as tainted foods, defective toys, and expired or compromised medication
  • Localize or identify the whereabouts of patients, employees or valuable assets in healthcare organizations
  • Prevent the use and sales of counterfeit products in the supply chain
  • Improve the shopping experience for consumers, with fewer out-of-stock items, easier returns and more consumer engagement
  • Provide visibility into the supply chain, increase efficiency of the distribution channel and thus reduce business costs
  • Realize interactive experiences and enhance digital signage and way-finding systems
  • Decrease business revenue losses to theft or inaccurate accounting of goods
  • Improve civilian security levels through better cargo monitoring at ports
  • Wirelessly lock, unlock and configure electronic devices
  • Enable automatic and wireless access control of certain areas or devices

Whatever the application, RFID has the potential to increase efficiency of operations, improve asset visibility and traceability, decrease reliance on manual processes, bring down operational costs, and provide data for intelligent business analytics. 

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