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24 May , 2022

RFID Inventory Control System.

An automated rfid inventory control system is essential for any business that wants to save time, reduce costs, and decrease the number of mistakes made.

Fully automating inventory control can not only help the business grow, but it can do so fast. RFID technology offers an exciting yet safe method of completely automatizing your inventory.

All inventory tracking can be done with the raise of a hand and the click of a button. By placing RFID tags on the desired items and products, and scanning the area with the RFID reader, all tags (within a certain distance) will be scanned within a matter of seconds.

Through our inventory tracking software, the RFID reader will quickly scan all RFID tags located within its range, even if they’re not visible or visibly accessible. The system will then update what items are there physically as opposed to how many should be there, according to the system. Not only will it provide you with the information that the item is there, but also, depending on the system, it’ll show the location within the warehouse it is at (e.g. row and shelf).

Rfid Inventory tracking is something most businesses do every day, and what better way to have it done than in real-time. Furthermore, real-time inventory control reduces considerably the chances of understocking taking place. Not only does this reduce human mistakes, and the costs that come with it, but it also saves time and labor.


How Does RFID and inventory control system work ?


RFID, which stands for Radio Frequency Identification, is a technology used to track tags attached to objects or products. Through electromagnetic fields, RFID readers scan and automatically detect RFID tags. These tags, when attached to product, can make the process of automatizing and counting inventory, easier, faster, cheaper, and safer. Due to the recent improvements in RFID technologies, now tags can be read automatically.


Inversely proportional to the improvements in the technology are the prices of tags and readers, but they have already fallen a lot and continue to decrease, as RFID  technology improves, making the implementation of the same more effective and cost-efficient.


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