How Rfid technology can optimize your company's asset inventory.

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09 Jun , 2022

How Rfid technology can optimize your company's asset inventory.

In a competitive market, it is critical to have a flexible supply chain that is focused on delivering value to the end consumer. You can no longer think of companies that are not efficient and agile, as the market requires.

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology has transformed the work of asset inventory, providing a simplified operation of logistics, shipping, receiving, and acquisition, as well as stricter inventory controls. RFID improves its manufacturing and retail operations, assisting from demand forecasting to inventory planning and inventory management and distribution.

Radiofrequency identification (RFID) uses smart tags to share data throughout the supply chain. The system’s label will be read by software and applications. It is called the Internet of Things (IoT) – an automated ecosystem of object monitoring technologies, with capture and transmission of information, which includes RFID, BLE , Lorawan Asset tracking, RTLS, gateways, databases, management platforms, etc.

RFID is gaining great momentum with the advancement of platforms capable of processing and analyzing transmitted data, and capable of automating responses. The technology helps to automate deliveries, speed up the process, reduces losses and errors in the process. RFID is commonly used in cargo tracking, containers, wagons, trucks, or for the control of products such as inventory, productions, supply chain, etc.

An example of how information transmission works. RFID technology is used to the ID of vehicles in highway tolls.


For retailers and manufacturers and consumer products, RFID inventory helps to:

  • Reduces labor cost by eliminating inventory count, pallets, physical inventory, etc.
  • Optimizes production schedules by promoting real-time communication between manufacturers and retailers.
  • Automates the exchange of inventory information between retailers and suppliers for more efficient workflow processes.
  • Speeds up the checkout procedures, product return, and warranty authentication

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