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09 May , 2022

It is already an act that has become a routine in everyone's life: when making a purchase, an optical reader reads the bar code, identifying what the product is and also its price and if you make a lot of purchases, this process can be a as long as it takes.

There is a technology that has been studied for some years and can replace this practice known to us all. It is known as RFID (acronym for Radio Frequency Identification) and one of its applications would be in stores and supermarkets.

That's because this is a short-range communication technology and RFID tags could be read automatically by sensors at the supermarket outlet, for example, dispensing with manual and individual barcode scanning. In addition, there are several other applications for this system, which will be discussed later in this article.

How it works?

An RFID system consists basically of an antenna, a transceiver, which reads the signal and transfers the information to a reader device, and also a transponder or RF (radio frequency) tag, which shall contain the circuit and the information to be transmitted. These labels can be present in people, animals, products, packaging, in short, in diverse equipment.

Thus, the antenna transmits the information, emitting the signal from the integrated circuit to transmit its information to the reader, which in turn converts RFID radio waves to digital information. Now, after being converted, they can be read and understood by a computer to have their data analyzed.



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