Keonn Rfid Antenna UHF Advantenna-p33 (FCC ETSI)
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Keonn Rfid Antenna UHF Advantenna-p33 (FCC ETSI)

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The Advantenna-p33 UHF RFID Circular Antenna is a compact UHF RFID antenna with circular polarization and a radiation pattern characterized by a pencil beam shape (40°/40°).

With its radiation pattern, the Circular RFID Antenna is ideal for many RFID applications, such as real-time aerial inventory systems, magic mirrors and fitting rooms. For wholesale stores RFID antennas can be installed hanging from the ceiling to identify and locate tagged items in a given space in real time.

For retail stores, the Advantenna-p33 Circular Antenna can be installed on the ceiling, over each dressing room, it is an RFID Antenna equipped with high directivity in this position, the RFID system detects the RFID tags located in the corresponding dressing room, minimizing the detection of items located in neighboring fitting rooms or in nearby areas.

- Operating Frequency:FCC (902-928 MHz), ETSI (865-868 MHz)
- Polarization:Circular
- Gain:9.6 dBi (US), 10.4 dBi (EU)
- Max Read Distance:Up to 6 m (19.7 ft)
- Elevation Beamwidth:40˚
- Azimuth Beamwidth:40˚

- Connector Type:SMA female Flange Straight or SMA female Flange Right Angle (connects to SMA male)
- Cable:Not Included
- Mounting:Integrated Mounting Holes
- Dimensions - excluding connector:417 x 417 x 3.3 mm (16.4 x 16.4 x 0.13 in)
- Dimensions - flange connector:417 x 417 x 15 mm (16.4 x 16.4 x 0.6 in)
- Weight:1.1 kg (2.31 lbs)

- IP Rating:IP 65 / IP 68
- Operating Temperature:-20˚C to +130˚C (-4˚F to +266˚F)